Why?  Because everyone needs  an   Angel.....

WELCOME to the                                                                               Wonderful World  of  RAGDOLLS                                                       and a little about Us.

 PLEASE  READ   below  before deciding on adopting a kitten.
                             at   Angel Landers  ( ANGEL  EYES  RAGDOLLS )

      Angel Eyes Ragdolls  are situated on 13 acres of tropical rainforest  on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.  We are Registered Breeders with Queensland Feline Association  and are in our  15th  year of breeding (2022)  these beautiful fur babies.  Our first priority is to look after this very popular and  unique  Ragdoll breed.   To do this they need to  be registered  to see the lines/parentage you are working with.  Please be wary of backyard breeding as there are no records or paperwork of what cat is related to another  eg.   a brother over a sister or mother can lead to inbreeding problems.


Our beautiful female Ragdolls live with us and on enclosed verandahs around our home.   The kittens are   raised under foot in our home.     The males have lovely spacious rooms each  with their doors opening out into a hallway to  a large covered two level exercise courtyard which they take turns out in for exercise or to lay in the sun each day.  Many thanks to my wonderful husband for all his support and continuous  renovating and building and upgrading areas,   also all of  the tunnels up of the ground  for our ragdolls to roam.    We would dearly love to have the boys  inside  but most undesexed males spray to mark their territory so this is impossible  (shock to many but so do many undesexed  females when in season).     We are constantly out with them in their courtyard having cups of coffee and cuddles,  they are such big sooky, loveable boys.